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Musicians Electronics and PC / Server / LAN Builds and Repair

DetroitGeek is pretty much a one man shop catering to people with computer problems,network problems, or dealing with their Pro-Audio Gear.  From rooting viruses to refurbishing a vintage Fender amplifier.  Click the ABOUT button to see who I am, or other buttons that show what services and rates are offered - You're going to be awfully surprised how low the pricing is.  30+ years of experience, and certified.

I work by appointment only.  Located just East of I-75 at 9 Mile Rd.  Feel free to call 402-957-769zero


Thanks Comcast - Port 25 Blocked

Gawd sometimes I just hate the day I signed up for Comcast.  Yea, they had better prices than the ISP I used in the past, but the games they play are enough to drive a sane person raving mad.

All Operating Systems:You May Lose Internet in July

WASHINGTON (AP) — For computer users, a few mouse clicks could mean the difference between staying online and losing Internet connections this summer.
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Firefox Annoyances: Fix the missing protocol in the address bar

Firefox users:  Did you notice FF trims off the http:// in your URL (or address) bar?  Want it back?  type 'about:config' in the URL bar, and search for 'browser.urlbar.trimURLs' - double click it until it's value is 'FALSE' - all done!

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